Hand woven mats using wool and paper yarn. Space dyed.
Jacquard - Fall 2019 - Two, double weave cloth with gauze layer
Wool and Rayon
Jacquard - Fall 2019 - double weave cloth
Mohair and Rayon
Dobby Samples - Spring 2019 (In Progress)
Fall 2018 Final 
Wool and Rayon - Hand space dyed wool warp and weft
Felted finish
Fall 2018 Midterm - Seat Cushions
Cotton/Rayon warp - Double weave blocks and stuffed with polyester fiberfill
Fall 2018 Samples on 8 Harness Floor Loom
Spring 2018 Final
Spring 2018 Final Samples
Spring 2018 Sample Blanket
Spring 2018 Midterm
6'x12" - Papier-mâché frame and LED backlit
Spring 2018 Samples
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