Knit sleeve mockup. Wool and Mohair
Spring 2020
Spring 2019
Industrial knit fabric collection on Stoll knitting machine.
Fall 2018 Final
I developed this knit felt though multiple material and finishing experiments. The goal in mind was to create a knit material that would have the rigidity of a woven to be able to be cut and sewn into a jacket. With the final fabric, I constructed the jacket using supplementary fabric to finish seems. Mohair rib knit cuffs and collar were added.
Fall 2018 Knit Double Bed Samples
Resist Dyed Sample - Reknit
Resist Dyed Sample - Reknit
Hand Space Dyed Yarn
Hand Space Dyed Yarn
Winter 2018 Knit Garment - Photographed by
"Self Portrait of Me Now in Knit Mask" (2018)
Masked portrait inspired by the work of Gillian Wearing
Winter 2018 Single Bed Machine Knit Samples
Fall 2018 Knit Samples on Left - Winter 2018 Knit Samples on Right
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